What is the IIT-JEE?

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are institutions of national importance established through an Act of Parliament. These Institutes play a leading role in technological manpower development and have research Programs comparable to the best in the world.

The admissions to the Undergraduate (B.Tech) Programs for all Indian and Foreign nationals at these institutions are made through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) popularly known as IIT-JEE.

Besides the His admission to the undergraduate courses of Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU), Dhanbad; Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology (IIST), Thiruvananthapuram and Indian Institute for Science Education & Research (IISER) is through JEE.

All these institutions are known for providing quality education in science and technology and for research in frontier areas The environment at these institutions is highly conducive for

  • Building a solid foundation of knowledge
  • Development of personality, confidence building, self-discipline and pursuit of excellence
  • Enhancement of creativity, motivation and drive

All of the above help to prepare the students admitted to these institutions for successful professional and social lives. Today, alumni of these institutions occupy key positions in industry and academia in India and abroad.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A candidate can attempt IIT-JEE only twice, in consecutive years.
  • Candidates appearing for IIT-JEE should have either passed in the previous year or should be appearing in the XII board exam in that year.
  • Candidates who have accepted admission at any of the IIT, IT-BHU, Varanasi and ISM, Dhanbad through JEE are not eligible to appear in IIT-JEE.

When and where is the IIT-JEE conducted?

IIT-JEE is usually conducted on the second Sunday of April at test centres across India & Dubai.

What is the current pattern of IIT-JEE?

There will be two question papers of three hours duration, each consisting of separate sections in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Questions in these papers will be of objective type, designed to test comprehension and analytical ability, which are to be answered on a specially designed machine-gradable sheet using HB pencils only. Incorrect answers will be generally awarded negative marks, unless otherwise specified.

How do I prepare for IIT-JEE?

  • Competitive exams preparation calls for not only a different approach but also higher level of analytical skills & even greater effort. We at MASTERJEE understand this phenomenon and prepare our students for core fundamentals through comprehensive study material and graded level of assignments.
  • We do not dilute preparation of any topic in our course structure because of any factors viz, school work etc. Unlike school/board exams you cannot score in competitive exams without reaching a certain level of proficiency. Thus all MASTERJEE programs aim at the same approach.


  • Mere understanding of a concept is not adequate. You have to learn to apply these concepts in solving tricky problems. Problems in competitive exams are not always direct application of a concept. Many problems involve more than one basic concept. Our courseware aims at achieving the same.
  • You have to optimally use the time available upto IIT-JEE. This would also mean realignment of your extra-curricular and sports activities etc. Remember, the time available in a day is limited. We provide expert time management skills to our students to achieve optimum success.
  • There is no dearth of books and problems available. One has to draw boundaries and concentrate on quality rather than quantity. It is possible that you can prepare a topic by doing 30-40 problems only, if you try to solve them completely by yourself. This may even involve devoting half an hour or may be even more on an occasional problem. We, at MASTERJEE, have scientifically designed our courseware to meet the required standards of competitive exams. Most important is to completely solve the courseware of MASTERJEE rather than solving partly & following half-hearted approach sticking to one vis-a-vis relying on many only will lead to perfection/proficiency.

When should I start preparing for IIT-JEE?

IlTs have restricted the no. of attempts for IIT-JEE. Students now just have two chances —one, just after the XII board exams, and the second, immediately in the next year. They should try to succeed in IIT-JEE in the first attempt itself and not take unnecessary pressure as uncertainty of ill-health or any accidents while appearing for the second & last attempt could be too risky.

Till the eighties, it was all right if you started your preparation just after XI and at the beginning of XII, but even then to get Top Ranks you had to begin your preparation at the commencement of XI itself. In late nineties it became a norm to start preparation at the beginning of class XI and devote at least twoyears to train rigorously for IIT-JEE.

Now, with further increase in competition and keeping in mind that only two chances are available, only the very talented students can succeed by starting their IIT-JEE training in XI. But, if you do not have an inborn spark that can put you in Top 6000 students in JEE you have other choice but to start as early as class IX to achieve the desired success in IIT-JEE.

In case success in IITJEE is your goal and getting a good rank is your dream? MASTERJEE has programs to enable you to start right from the beginning of class IX and this is the best time to start preparing.

If you are not sure that you would like to go for IIT-JEE or pursue a career in engineering and therefore wish to create a solid foundation for success in various competitive exams like AIIMS, CBSE - AIPMT, other medical entrance exams NDA, any option other than engineering & medical in India or anywhere else in the world besides IIT-JEE, AIEEE & engineering entrance exams, MASTERJEE has programs to achieve all of this which will automatically result in excellent marks in board exams and enhanced analytical skills i.e. substantially improved IQ.

If you are a student who is in class VII or a lower class we suggest that you focus on improving your analytical skill. Therefore a serious preparation for national Talent Search Exam in class VIII will be a very healthy beginning for IIT-JEE preparation. MASTERJEE has IIT Foundation program to target NTSE and help you to prepare for NTSE class VIII which will become a foundation building block for IIT-JEE preparation.


For this year NTSE is also being held in class X and MASTERJEE IIT FOUNDATION PROGRAM for the students going to class X will lay a very strong foundation for IIT-JEE while preparing you for NTSE.

In case you are student in class X, the best thing is for you to focus on board exams and start preparing for IIT-JEE one or two weeks after the class X board exams or Joining Two Year Classroom Program.

No doubt the best IIT-JEE preparation, given that there are only 2 attempts for IIT-JEE, should happen from the very beginning of class IX but it is never too late to give it your best try.

If your are a student who has reasonably clear fundamentals of class XI & good analytical skills, you might be able to catch up with chose serious brilliant students who have seriously prepared at least from the very beginning of class XI. One Year Classroom program will help you start serious IIT-JEE preparation immediately after your class XI school exams.

Class Room Program at MASTERJEE

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